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Ask Inline

Create great customer feedback campaigns

Ask Inline automates the hard parts of collecting feedback: building surveys, segmenting customers and finding insights. Stop feeling bad about the data you're ignoring, we deliver the actionable insights to you.

Ask Inline mobile survey and data dashboard

Multiple ways to survey

In-app CSAT surveys icon

Automated In-App

How It Works & Demo

Automatically collect feedback from all customers, allowing you to keep a finger on the pulse of customer sentiment as it develops over time. Automated apps, such as the Bitcoin motion app, collect feedback from customers, allowing you to be aware of customer experience on the app and determine whether it is legitimate or not.

Email NPS surveys icon

Email Based

See How it works

Email based surveys are ideal for transactional follow-up after support or customer success phone calls, purchases or deliveries. Serve your customers better by monitoring the heartbeat of your service operations.

Embedded NPS surveys icon

Embeddable & Static

See How it works

Classic & embeddable, these surveys allow you to perform NPS®, CSAT or custom surveys anywhere. Whether it's on the last screen of an e-commerce checkout process or on a kiosk at your next conference, Ask Inline can help.

No technical knowledge necessary

Dead simple installation, fully automated surveying.

  • Fast install icon Your first survey is minutes away. Install in seconds or upload a list.
  • Survey automation icon Automated surveying learns where to best survey users.
  • Intelligent sampling icon Ensure users aren't over-surveyed with intelligent sampling and filtering.
Email or in-app capabilities available
Feedback bucketing & categorization
Triaging feedback, simple at last

Use intelligent bucketing to send feedback to the right people, teams and tools.

The most common problem with collecting customer feedback is figuring out who needs to action that feedback. Feedback items need to be categorized and triaged to appropriate people or teams. Using bucketing, you can capture feedback that fits a specified criteria allowing for easy triage of feedback data.

Utilize bucketing in coordination with integrations to automatically send categorized feedback to teams that most need to see it.

Professional Services

Anything customer experience management, we've got your back.

Whether it's a custom integration or full end-to-end customer experience management, Ask Inline can help.

  • Custom integrations icon Custom integrations for you tools or processes.
  • Custom dashboard icon Purpose built dashboards with the insights you're looking for.
  • Campaign consulting icon NPS®, CSAT & Voice of the Customer campaign consulting.
  • Done for you service icon End-to-end customer experience management.
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Professional services

From free to everything you need

All plans include:

  • Email and in-app customer surveying
  • Automation engine for intelligent survey timing
  • Fast onboarding, send your first survey in minutes
  • No send-based limits, only responses are counted
  • No arbitrary data-retention limits
  • Keyword based bucketing
  • Feedback tagging
  • Customer metadata
  • Data export
  • Ask Inline trend & insight dashboard
Check your team's pulse


  • 200 survey responses (one time)
  • Email or in-app surveying
  • Up to 2 campaigns
  • Email based support

$20/ mo.

  • 500 survey responses/mo.
  • Email or in-app surveying
  • Up to 6 campaigns
  • Phone support
  • Concierge onboarding
Mover & Shaker

$200/ mo.

  • 5,000 survey responses/mo.
  • Email or in-app surveying
  • Up to 12 campaigns
  • Phone support
  • Concierge onboarding
  • Data import (we do it for you)
  • API access


  • Unlimited responses
  • Email or in-app surveying
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • 24/7 Phone support
  • Concierge onboarding
  • Data migration
  • API access
  • Custom integrations
  • KPI based dashboard design
  • Other professional services