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Intro to Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction surveys are a simple survey sent to customers shortly after an interaction with a company. We've all seen these surveys. After watching a movie on Netflix, you're asked to rate the movie from 1 to 5 stars. The day after you call your cable company's customer support you get an email asking how helpful the representative was while resolving the issue. These are all forms of customer satisfaction surveys.

Ask Inline's CSAT surveys are very similar, in format, to NPS surveys. The only different is the phrasing of the question.

The first question in our CSAT survey asks: "How satisfied are you with [interaction to measure]?".

A few common CSAT surveys:

  • Customer support call — How satisfied are you with your ACME Co. support call on January 28th?
  • Cart checkout — How satisfied are you with ACME Co. checkout experience?
  • Shipment arrival — How satisfied are you with the delivery of your ACME Co. product?

An example CSAT survey displayed on the final page of e-commerce cart checkout. An alternative to this survey is to send an email based survey after the shipment arrives via courier.

An example CSAT survey — How would you rate your ACME checkout experience?

Customize the CSAT question.

As you can see, it's important to customize the question's wording to match the interaction that you're measuring. For details on how to do this see: Questions - Customizing what you ask.

The second question — The verbatim.

The second question in a Net Promoter Survey is called the "verbatim". It's an open ended questions, usually "Why did you give this score?"

Ask Inline provides graphs and trends for your Net Promoter Score in it's data dashboard, but the critical features are all based on the verbatim. Being able to intelligently break this data down into actionable insights is critical. To learn more about how we help accomplish this, see Understanding Ask Inline.