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Email based customer feedback

Ask Inline supports email based NPS and CSAT surveys. We recommend using email based customer feedback for teams that don't have a web or mobile application that users interact with regularly. Email based feedback is also a great way for teams to try out Ask Inline in order to determine if a full in-app integration is worthwhile (in-app deployments are very simple for most customers).

Customer experience

The experience that your customers have while interacting with Ask Inline's email based feedback is an important concern. First and foremost, Ask Inline aims to provide a seamless experience between Ask Inline and your brand. Ask Inline surveys are designed with minimal branding and we enable customization of each question. If complete white-labeling is a necessary feature for your team, please reach out to our professional services team.

As with all Ask Inline surveys, a customer will never be surveyed more than once in a three month period. Customers always have the option of opting out of survey emails via a link at the bottom of each email and customers who do not respond to survey emails are removed with time.

Enabling email-based survey method.

The onboarding flow for each new campaign will guide you through setting the correct options for email or in-app based feedback. The simplest way to change a campaign from in-app to email after onboarding is to create a new campaign. If you want to switch but have feedback items data that need to be preserved, just follow these instructions:

Navigate to "Campaign admin" via the campaign dropdown

Click the "Survey Settings" tab along the top of the page.

Change the "Survey method" dropdown to "Email".

Changing other email survey settings

Email based surveys have several other settings which can be changed under the Survey Settings tab. These settings include

  • Email subject: The subject line which will appear in the customers inbox.
  • Email sender address: The "from address"" for survey emails.
  • Email sender name: Most email clients support a "from name" which takes precedence over the "from address".

Sending test messages

To be sure that everything is setup correctly, we encourage you to send a test message to yourself or a colleague prior to beginning your campaign with real customers. A test messages will be sent using all of the campaigns settings and a feedback item will be recorded for each response to the test message. These feedback items may be deleted or simply ignored (a test message or two shouldn't dramatically impact your overall results).

Navigate to "Campaign admin" via the campaign dropdown

Click the "Email" tab along the top of the page.

Provide an email address for the test message and click "Send".

Adding email addresses to be surveyed

The final step required in order to create an email campaign is to add customer email addresses. Once added, the automation engine will assign each customer a survey date over the coming weeks.

Navigate to "Campaign admin" via the campaign dropdown

Click the "Email" tab along the top of the page.

Paste a list of email addresses into the text box and submit.