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Understanding Ask Inline

Ask Inline is software as a service that implements a solid core customer feedback strategy for most software, e-commerce and B2B teams. The most effective way to communicate what Ask Inline does is to dive into the strategy that the software is design to aid in implementing.

The Ask Inline customer feedback strategy

Collect feedback well

Collecting good customer feedback isn’t as simple as putting a form on the web. To keep a pulse on customer sentiment, companies must reach out to customers in an appropriate and compelling way on a regular basis.

Ask Inline’s multi-channel support allows collection of feedback via an in-app widget, email or both. We encourage teams to experiment to discover what works best for their business and customers.

The in-app feedback widget surveys customers once every three to five months, allowing you to better understand the impact of changes to your offering.

Run a company that doesn't create applications? No problem, email surveys are a great way to better understand your customers.


After collecting feedback, the next step is to ensure that it’s consumable by the teams or individuals who need it. To do this, feedback is broken into categories based on the topic of the feedback. This allows for categories to be triaged to the right people. Additionally, the popularity and sentiment of a category can be tracked independent of the larger data set. These categories are different for every company and product.

Software companies often have categories like aesthetics, usability, performance, competition.
While e-commerce businesses are likely to be interested in other things; shipping, checkout, search.

With Ask Inline's bucketing feature, categories of feedback are easily created based on customer metadata and keyword analysis. Naturally, each bucket is tracked independently of one another. This allows for each team to understand how their actions impact overall sentiment.

Establishing a set of keywords associated with each of your categories allows bucketing to automatically collect relevant feedback items.

Use customer metadata to understand where every customer segment struggles or succeeds.


Ask Inline aims to automate as much of this strategy as possible. Whether you’re using in-app or email based surveys, our automation engine handles customer tracking and surveying regularly. We’re careful not to over survey and customers can dismiss surveys easily.

Over time, Ask Inline's automation engine works toward creating a steady stream of customer feedback data by spreading out surveys sent to responsive customers. Ask Inline will never survey a user more than once in a three month period.

Bucketing is an automated feature as well. Buckets can be associated both with key words and customer metadata.

Stay in the loop and make your team awesome with weekly or monthly email summaries that break down the most recent feedback customers have shared.

Buckets automatically capture feedback based on keywords or customer metadata.